Oxygen Therapy Eyeglasses

Ophthalmology Associates Provides Oxygen Therapy Eyeglasses at All of Our Locations

Oxy-view oxygen therapy glasses are designed for those individuals that require supplemental oxygen.  Oxy-View allows you to "ditch" your nasal cannula, improve your quality of life, and feel better about yourself, while assuring that you are receiving the oxygen prescribed by your doctor.  These attractive eyeglass frames not only hold your prescription lenses, they also deliver the oxygen you need in a way that others will hardly notice.

When you're wearing Oxy-View eyeglasses, you'll feel better about getting out and doing the things you love.  People will no longer see someone on oxygen, but rather the vibrant person you really are.  You'll see them clearly, too, with your Oxy-View eyeglasses.

Oxy-view eyeglass frames offer patients the following benefits:

  • Oxygen therapy without the discomform of the nasal cannula
  • Combine oxygen therapy and vision
  • Discreet oxygen delivery
  • Greater social acceptance
  • Improved self esteem